About JaMichael

“Strivers achieve what dreamers believe” is the phrase that has fueled the life of JaMichael D. Jordan, Sr. He is a man of many gifts and talents, but his strongest will and desire is to pour into the lives of people and to help them see the ability they have to succeed and walk in their God given purpose. JaMichael is an author, visionary, and servant leader. He is known for his magnetic speaking and teaching ability not just in his hometown of Chattanooga, TN, but throughout the country. Although JaMichael is very focused on the youth and young adults of the next generation, he also has a vast skill set that includes leadership development, community organizing and activism.

JaMichael is a proud graduate of the University of Memphis. He also obtained a certification in Pastoral Leadership from Tennessee Temple University. JaMichael also holds the honor of serving as a consultant with the Supreme Court for the state of Georgia. JaMichael’s prayer is that through ministry, and his passions he will positively impact the world and future generations for the Kingdom of God.

“You are always one thought, one idea, one action away from walking into the best season of your life.”

By JaMichael



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